Maggie Seymour and Olivia Atwood met in 2015 in an Improv class at Bowdoin College. Since then, they have been collaborating to create clowning adaptations of classical shows. Not long ago, these blonde dynamos were just college students in an empty room with an idea. Now, they are two artists with a show, a suitcase full of costumes, and a dream to take the world by storm with as few accidents as possible.

As performers, they have trained with Second City in Chicago, The Baltimore Improv Group, The Movement Center, The British-American Drama Society, and The National Theater Institute in CT. As Shakespeare basically said about them, “Though they be but little, these chicks are fierce.”

the two woman clowning troupe with the energy of a small country

Maggie Seymour and Olivia Atwood in their natural habitat, looking flummoxed.

The 601 Theatre Company